Years ago, at the rise of the Internet as it appears today, I was something of a promotional whore. The double edged sword was that it alienated some people and brought awareness to many for the projects. The misconception permeated that I was arrogant, which isn’t entirely untrue, but my main goal was always to get the work seen by as many people as possible. Today I am trying to return to form sans the ego. I don’t ever want to view myself as ‘better’ than anyone else. I just don’t understand what that even could mean. It’s art, the most subjective and inscrutable thing to define nonetheless rate in some empirical way. I honestly do not look at other people’s work and then put my own work next to it and say “This is a 7 out of 10, and mine was a 8 out of 10“, as that is also why I detest film contests.

Rating art makes as much sense as creating a chart for your wife rating your ex girlfriends’ sexual prowess.

At this point in time, I have several projects in various states of development. Aside from that hackneyed bullshit statement that we were told to say at the crappy film seminar, I have 35 episodes of the Movie Cliche podcasts in various states of pre-production, production, and post production. I have to chop up the latest FRAMELINES episode for web videos, plus edit together more web only clips from roundtables, panels, and other segments. I also have 2 Cell Phone Monologues in the queue ready to go online after they present at a few film festivals.

Having material to screen and promote puts me in a place where when I am not feeling particularly creative, I can still be productive. That is how I thrived in the past, plus when people respond to the work, it inspires you to make more, promote more, and the cycle continues.

I really have shed so much of the concern over what other people ‘think’. You can have someone say to your face that they like the work, the only way they’ve seen or heard of it was from your promotion, then they will firmly tell anyone who listens that you’re an asshole for promoting it, behind your back of course. Instead of being angry about this backstabby nature that exists in more people than not, is to just revel in the fact that your promotion worked on some level. Take constructive criticism and ignore the naysayers.

From message boards to Yahoo groups now to social media, the landscape is ever changing and yet it remains the same. I’m rediscovering where to reach people. I believe in the scorched Earth approach because for every 2-3 people that bitch that they are sick of seeing your posts, you’re reaching anywhere from 20-200 new viewers. There’s also that narcissistic tendency of the bitchers that they think you are posting on all these sites and should be more sensitive to THEIR concerns rather than the outreach.

I want my movies seen by the widest audience possible. I post the links in as many places as I can find. It’s not that I think my movies is better than anyone elses. Deal with it and worry about your own damn movies.

I came up with a logo for the Cliche webseries to use as the Thumbnails. I likes them. It makes them look as classy and stuff. Working in the new Sonnyboo logo to start branding everything again too.

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