I am really hoping to get back to this documentary I was working on. The story is the most compelling, most important subject matter I ever got near. It’s about a holocaust survivor we interviewed a few years ago. Since the interviews are all shot and even a rough cut exists, this is one of those projects begging to be finished. I hate hate hate leaving stones unturned, so I want to see this one to the goal line. I’ve tried to pick it back up a few times, but this is different. I have a limited amount of time and doors have opened up to do something special for distribution. Originally my intent was to do something like this to get my hands on something like an Emmy. Well, I already got the nomination for FRAMELINES, so the question remains as to why I would want to work on this. Simply put, this story compels me. I read the nonfiction book once a year.

This may sound funky, but I dream about it. When I’m asleep, sometimes pieces of the story come to me. I know it’s time to make something when I can see it in my head. I see this story very clearly in my mind now. That means the movie is ready to be made.

This particular documentary presents a lot of logistical and technical challenges. I’ve been mulling them over for a few years, every now and then just pondering the solutions. The time is now. Technology and circumstances have presented themselves in a perfect alignment.

I like to keep busy. Working on things I love keeps me alive, vibrant. I’m lining this project up for 2014, as it will take a full year to complete.

Only a small obstacle in clearing some rights first. Small, if you consider the Grand Canyon or Mt. Rushmore tiny…

I really feel like making up for lost time. I have so much to do and so little time to get it all done. Pushing through has been so helpful. No matter what gets in the way, I just keep at it. No matter how much I might want to procrastinate, get it finished. Whittle away at each thing, a little at a time and always make progress.

It’s been helping a lot. I want to be a better man.

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