My home repairs are ramping down. I’m reaching this point where I’ll basically be ‘done’ for a while. I want to take a solid year where I don’t buy any furniture or decor. Just want that space to breathe. I’m almost to that point now. Just a few more weeks of tinkering and a couple of tiny purchases left. Being happy in one’s space just makes for balance. Of course my place has a major “movie” theme. From 35mm film trailers, to film reel end tables, to wall art, movie posters, and pictures from shoots; I surround myself with my obsessions. I like the posters from my own projects because I take pride in what I do. It feels good to look at the wall and see the culmination of a lot of people’s hard work represented, their names in print along with mine.

I used to feel stress at home. The place was a wreck, I mean truly unsanitary. This place made me sick. I was so ashamed. In the past, I used to have people over all the time. I was a very social animal. I did business in my home. The living room was an edit suite with a client couch and all. It just got so bad that I could not stomach anyone to ever see the place. Generally I am not too concerned with what other people think of me. The place had just reached such a state of unclean that it was more to avoid anyone from knowing how bad it was.

Now, I’ve spent the better part of a year painting, cleaning, working, and building (really, it was a ‘we’ effort, not an ‘I’ since I had so much help). I’m not ashamed anymore. I’m proud of the progress. I’m having my dad over to watch movies.

These days I am a lot more comfortable in my space. It’s mine; the space is always clean, the vibe is so much more relaxed and quite frankly happier. I may not be a particularly spiritual guy, but I believe in the Japanese 和 (harmony, peace, balance) that your energy brings to your home. The love I have for my boys, the happiness they bring me and their joy of life seeps into the walls and stays there. The place just [i]feels[/i] warmer and more welcoming. Feng shui indeed.

I sleep better. My bedroom is my center. I am always at peace there now. Ever since I got the green paint, the sunlight, earth tones, nice bed, comfortable sheets, and now closet doors – this room just breathes serenity. Even my dreams are more peaceful.

So, when someone accuses me of being messy these days; yeah, it kind of pisses me off. Ignorance, not knowing how much I have poured of my soul, the money, and time into my home – it’s insulting. The harmony and peace gets disrupted when a genuine, not teasing accusation flies.

A momentary distraction to be sure. Back to work. Teaching, then editing. In a few short weeks I will have done everything I had planned finished for my home. MY home. Working from home has no stress. Even my old house on Indianola never felt or looked as good as this place now.



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