Here’s a vote for the Cloud. One of the upsides of being able to edit on any of 3 computers, 2 at the office and 1 at home (not even including the laptop that occasionally also edits). The project file gets updated but has to move from machine to machine. One of the most important updates to the edit got lost in the various revisions and I spent more time looking for this cut in If this existed on a Cloud account, the it wouldn’t have gotten lost. Once I found this cut, things moved briskly. Time to merge the later cuts with this early cut that the client preferred. I’m going through old notes and new notes and trying to combine the best of about 6 different drafts.

My hope to see this documentary project through to completion has been dashed. I am heart broken. This was such an incredible project and I would have loved to have dived in to see that thing done. My OCD will have to accept the end and gracefully move on.

It’s not like I don’t have 30 more episodes of a webseries, another Cell Phone Monologue, several more podcasts, or 8 more episodes of a TV series to complete, along with 2 other feature films…

“Faces gone, black eyes burnin’ bright. May their precious blood forever bind me”
– Bruce Springsteen

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