Last night my dad came over to see the new place and we watched SKYFALL on the big screen in the new theater style seats. When I was very young, just before VHS was RCA’s ‘videodisc’ format and aside from STAR WARS, my dad purchased all of the Sean Connery James Bond movies. I watch all of them repeatedly. Years ago, my dad gave me a copy of the first ever Bond novel, CASINO ROYALE that he had kept. It’s odd because my pops would always sell these to Half Priced Books and kept few if any books. Turns out this is an early edition worth about $6,000 and I will never sell it for sentimentality reasons.

I love the Bond movies. My ex gave me the complete Bond DVD set for a combo birthday/Xmas present the first year we were together. Turns out that would be the ONLY gift I’d get from her again for those holidays in 10 years, but I digress (happy thoughts, happy thoughts). I poured over these movies again, loved it. I had read all the books by Ian Fleming. I love that the movies would take an action scene from one novel and juxtapose it into a different named movie (IE tying bond and the girl to a speed boat with knife cuts to attract sharks was in the novel LIVE AND LET DIE but put in the movie FOR YOUR EYES ONLY).

Of course I am overly fond of the Sean Connery Bond films. He will forever be my ‘favorite’, but I think that Pierce Brosnan combined the elegance of a tuxedo with the badass perfectly. Daniel Craig is utterly fantastic, but the most accurate to the books sans the womanizing was actually Timothy Dalton. We all wish George Lazenby never existed. ON HER MAJESTY’S SECRET SERVICE was the best book, best screenplay, and would have been the best Bond film ever if Connery has done it.

As for last night, my dad was happy with the improvements to the condo. In a completely shocking turn of events, little Lorenzo came out of hiding and after all of 4 minutes, started marking my dad as ‘safe’ with his head. He went up to him for petting afterwards. I don’t know if it is progress for the little guy and house guests or simply that my father, once a farm boy, just smells of benevolence, as most animals automatically love my dad.


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