So I have put a little bit of time into the site again. It’s been a while since I did more than just change a picture or add a screening. In the hopes of putting good will into the world and seeing how much gets returned, I doubled the amount of music for the royalty free music, added some public domain videos, images, and contracts. I have the strictly voluntary donation button for Accidental Art on these pages. Money donated (not invested) from these sites will go towards simple things like the wrap party or screener DVD’s.


I put some real time into updating things like the images to HD (1920×1080) and adding new videos that will be useful. Fonts bundled together for filmmakers along with new storyboard templates et al will help a lot of people out. I found in the past that tossing this good will into the universe tended to see it come back, so I want to get back to doing more things like this.

In preparing for this marketing push, I realized many aspects of the site have not been touched in years. My resume didn’t even include directing HORRORS OF WAR in 2005 or anything at all after that. I’ve consolidated a list of all the awards I’ve accumulated over the years and it sits at 16 total, excluding the award for special FX or acting, which are not awards for me specifically. All this resume stuff lead me to look at my Director’s Reel, which has not been updated in 2006, so that’s sadly missing my better work. I’ve tried to work on that for 2 days in a row but there is no time and I do not edit at home anymore.

In the last few years, I have not marketed myself or the work as much as I used to. Partly, because I have a life and enjoy spending time with my girlfriend and cats, but also because work and other projects take a lot more of my time away from those kinds of endeavors. In looking at the stats, the site had dwindled in popularity. Of course, I had not been making as many movies, but in the intervening years, sites like YouTubeand Vimeo are dominating the way people see videos online, but I didn’t miss that boat, as my views on YouTube continue to skyrocket into the tens of thousands on some of them (not merely dozens on the others).

I also noticed I had not updated the pages for the older short films. They still link to outdated sites that don’t exist, but also they haven’t been touched in years so they do not have the embedded videos from the other sites. I’m still only halfway through updating these pages for individual movies. It’s going to save me a ton of bandwidth by deleting the video files on my pages and having the movie sites take the hit on downloads. Vimeo is my preferred site, but YouTube is not to be underestimated.

So I added VIDEOS, CONTRACTS, PRODUCTION PAPERWORK, STORYBOARD TEMPLATES, IMAGES, DVD/BLU RAY INSERTS, FONTS, doubled the FREE MUSIC , and a bit more, all in the name of shameless self promotion that helps other people a lot more than it does me. If it helps Accidental Art get a little extra, then it’s all worth it.

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