One holiday down, just a few more to go! Thanksgiving wasn’t that bad. Family then friends, and a 3 mile walk at Blacklick park in between. I really am getting healthier. This week has been a regression with several bad habits. Two days of serious indulgence in Internet addiction with little to no productivity. I’ve taken steps to prevent this from continuing…┬áSince today is Black Friday and I hate crowds, I decided to brave this anyhow. I got myself a 4 piece Ottoman set for my living room because it was on sale, plus dinged a little with an additional 20% off for that. As if I’d mind. My brand new leather couch still has orange paw prints on it from Lorenzo Lamas Jones’ paint obsession. I find I’m laughing about this instead of getting mad or frustrated. I simply don’t have the anger in me, at least never ever towards the cats of Rossdonia.

I also picked up a 32″ LED TV for all of $97 brand new. This caused me to move my HD-DVR to the 1st floor to keep me away from the Internet computer in the basement. I’m trying to force myself to use more rooms in the condo since it’s all mine, plus with all the home repairs, it will make it a bit easier if I have TV to see/hear as I work. I set up a simple stereo system for it so that I get some bass out of the sound from both TV and Blu Ray. That means I have a flat screen on each floor now. I’m such a techy geek.

I’m at least 1-3 years away from being able to afford to completely remodel my kitchen. It ain’t gonna be cheap. I need all new cabinets, a new stove, fridge, and tile. In the meantime however, I have painted the cabinet doors. I took my time. I could have done it in a day, but I stretched it out over a week. I like things that pry me away from my bad habits. Of course, Lorenzo has gotten bath #4 for either running through the paint tray or head butting a freshly painted surface.

I also have started to re-plan my shoot for FRAMELINES, combining it with something for another project. I’m hoping to get 3-4 Tech Tips and a short film all done at once. Much like sports, of which I know very little but the metaphor is still apropos, I need to scrimmage before the big game, and I’m sorely out of practice. This may not be the best things I do. I need to keep my head on though and bring my “A” game.

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