Slogging along. Chipping away at the mountain of work I created for myself. I need to avoid burnouts though. My obsessive compulsive tendencies when it comes to editing sometimes burns my head to a crisp. I need to stay frosty and sharp in order to keep this endorphin high I get from finishing projects. I’m trying to increase the paying work at the same time that I am increasing the non-paying artistic work. Trying to balance all of that with teaching nearly 30 hours a week too. Given my status as an aging single man, this is the ideal time to do this. If I can increase my income and store up some cash, I want to go back to college.

So another Cell Phone Monologue shoot is coming up soon. This is one I’ve been intending to shoot for over a year, but I’m finally getting to it. This is almost like a bucket list; I’m trying to get as much of this list of projects I wanted to do in the can and out there to the universe as quick as I can.

Unfortunately, the list of movies I want to make myself is almost never-ending. From chicken-scratch notes on napkins to google docs to full fledged feature length scripts, I have more projects than any single person could see made in a lifetime of 30+ more years…. and I may not have that much time.

“V” continues his reign as the ultimate ladies man in Rossdonia. Every single female who has walked through my door is accosted by my black and white demon. My sister, who is highly allergic was subjected to his advances. V knows no limits. Lorenzo however remains as terrified of humans as ever. Very few guests have ever seen the little grey monster in person.

Back to the swirl.


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