I finished them both, and on time. I don’t like waiting until the last minute, but since these are not-for-profit ventures, they took a bit of a backseat. There was a technical glitch with the LOOK AT MY SHORTS TV pilot, which meant my system crashed and I lost 3 hours work. To prevent this again, I kept working at it obsessively until it was complete.¬†As of my last writing, I was complaining of the lack of idea for the background to my hosts for LOOK AT MY SHORTS TV. I shot these lovely ladies against greenscreen, but had no idea what to put behind them. Leyna came by and in about :15 seconds, she gave me the inspiration to make what I needed. From there, I had 4 different backgrounds designed, created, and rendered in about 2 hours. That eased my mind quite a bit. It also looked pretty kick ass; so many thanks go out to Leyna.

Now I need to immediately shift focus into the short(s) I’m about to do, and also the feature length movie I want to do next. We’re 2 scenes away from having the most solid draft I’ve ever had. Some support is coming from the most unlikely of places, so we’ll see what happens in the next few weeks. I’m going to be slowly rolling out more info and plans on how I want to get this done.

Something was brought up to me recently. Someone who has observed me more from the outside over the years, and has just started to be a friend, approached me about how I am perceived versus what I am actually like, at least like now. I’m not interested in how I am perceived. Who cares? I’ll get judged on my actions and my work. People making any other assumptions or assessments don’t really interest me. I’m not trying to win a popularity contest, nor am I running for Prom Queen of Columbus Film. The things I need and want, I can get with or without the consensus of the cool kids in the film scene.

I’m about the work. The dichotomy is that I’m doing a TV show that requires me to know what people are up to and to even help put a spotlight on their activities. I’m prepared to ignore the peanut gallery. I’m certain there will be allegations of favoritism or prejudice. I have no obligation to anyone or anything beyond making a TV shows that I want to see. I will be unaffected by the talk behind my back that inevitably starts. Knowing its coming has won me half the battle.

I picked up a DVD yesterday for the movie BLACK HAWK DOWN, one of the best movies of the last 10 years. I already owned this movie, first from the initial DVD release, then the EXTENDED CUT DVD, then a BLU RAY. I’m not inclined to buy a 4th copy of the same movie, but this was the 3 DVD set and it was only $6 at a Dollar General. I wanted it because the 2nd & 3rd discs include a 2.5 hour documentary on the making of the movie and another feature length documentary on the actual events. I love my BEHIND THE SCENES discs. I have a 255 disc flip folder of various DVD’s that relate to the MAKING OF for movies. This is my 3rd RIDLEY SCOTT set of discs to go along with KINGDOM OF HEAVEN and GLADIATOR. Ridley’s movies are usually very well documented, and I like his style a lot. For a guy in his 70’s, Ridley Scott is still in top form.

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