Started the new edit of the last Movie Cliche. Will take a little bit o’ time but not a lot. I have no idea how I’ll market the re-do. Maybe alternate version, maybe replace it entirely, but nothing definite yet. I don’t mind undoing what I’ve gotten out there if it’s a better product. We’ll see after the new cut. I believe this weekend I can accomplish much of my work on deck. I have a podcast that needs B-Roll edited, another that the A-Roll will get cut today by the Sonnyboo Intern Army. Then experimenting with After Effects for the latter podcast.

I’m putting off the greenscreen shoot I intended for today to next week. Since I’m backlogged on edits, this is easy to justify. Plus I can put off the personal grooming better next week. As I’ve said before, I like to put on a little effort for the look if I have to appear on camera.

Got a GoPro camera. All I can think of is finding a way to attach it to one of my cats to get their Point of View in High Definition. No idea why that would be of interest to anyone but me, but I’m becoming obsessed with how to mount the camera to a cat and just look at the footage from an hour after I leave Rossdonia.

“The deception with tact. Just what are you trying to say?. You’ve got a blank face, which irritates. Communicate”
― The Fixx

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