Today we shot the intros for 7 episodes of Framelines, plus an interview for another “On Location” segment. We have a deadline staring down at us and a ton more work than I thought. I made a board with an index card for each segment, listing who is in it, what part of Ohio the story pertains to, and then line them up with the type of segment it gets categorized to. I wanted to see where we were at with everything we’ve shot so far.
  This made for an easy viewing for organization. If I wanted to make sure we didn’t have two Cleveland stories up against each other, or we didn’t want to see any one person in two concurrent episodes, we could simply re-arrange the cards before we even get into editing.

We have 3 people editing on the show between myself, Scott, and Alex the Intern. Usually Alex does a first pass, then Scott does a B-Roll pass, then I clean it all up and setup a whole show. We’re preparing 8 episodes running 26 minutes and 46 seconds each. That’s like 2-3 documentary feature films we have to edit in less than 7 weeks for delivery. And we haven’t finished shooting the roundtables discussions and featured filmmakers for these episodes. Today was a milestone because we did get the Host, Dino Tripodis, on tape in front of Ye Olde Green Screen for making the introductions for each segment and episode.

I am sooooo glad we tested the pilot episode with audiences at things like INDIECLUB in Columbus and Cleveland. Tiffany Arnold had the best suggestion and we are including clips from the movies we are featuring to make it more palatable for the general audiences. We need to help let the audience know more about the material we are featuring.

I also re-edited the pilot episode today to include the newly recorded theme music from Parker Wiksell, which fits like a glove. I will replace the VIMEO video tomorrow with the new music so people can give it a whirl.

I foresee mucho stress over the next 2 months. Goodbye weekends!

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