Last night was something of a flashback to days of yore. I fired up the edit I started at school, just to make some technical adjustments, IE color correction basics, checking the timeline for errors in sound blips or little things; no intention whatsoever to edit. I blink and it’s 2:35AM and I have a first cut all the way done. I thought I was tinkering for a few minutes, maybe an hour max. I started this at 8:21PM. I love it when my mind can become so lost in the work that there is no sense of time. I will celebrate with Marie’s Pizza in the very near future. Getting back my mojo feels utterly fantastic. It looks like a much lighter week on both paid work fronts, which is TOTALLY cool because I can get caught up on personal post production projects (and use of alliteration).

A slow work week means groceries, a lot of home cooking, a major redesign of my home theatre/home edit system which I’ve been putting off for weeks. It might also open up some time to just WATCH movies. I still have not watched WAR HORSE or LINCOLN and I own both of these blu rays.

I was jazzed about editing the newest shoot from Thursday, but I put it off to edit sequentially what I had in the queue. Then I got re-excited about that project. And I still have some shoots to line up to finish the first set of project setup earlier in the year. UGH. That’s a good audible sigh. Better to keep busy, keep creating, and churn out work.

And there’s FRAMELINES too. New episodes to edit together, get transcribed, closed captioned, then sent off for broadcast. Our abridged second season will have around 8 episodes total. That will put us at 21-22 episodes total.

My head is clear, cobwebs swept away. I’m starting to get that sense of fulfillment I remember from a long long time ago from doing the work I love.

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