Working all weekend. Got some editing for a client that’s keeping me all in my After Effects/Animation mode. This takes a lot of time and thought process. I wind up working and re-working. Revisions permeate the process. And I need to finish the edit on the latest Cell Phone Monologue. Later today, I plan on having someone over to watch me edit on the short film. I’ve got plenty of practice at explaining my step by step process, but I hate to say it, there’s a piece of the puzzle that is inexplicable. It’s one thing to teach someone how to drum but not possible to teach having rhythm.

Got a big shoot at the end of this week, lots of guest stars (actual celebrities). Got another Cell Phone Monologue crewing to direct, this time shooting at the museum. Plus teaching, editing work, and a ton of writing to get done too.

Guess I better stop writing this blog….


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