Episode 17 (aka S2x04) of FRAMELINES all the way done for editing. The Sacred Editorial Dance of Completion was done to satisfy the gods of Adobe and Avid. The DVD gets handed off today for transcription. Using my handy Google Docs where I have extensive notes on what is shot, intended to be shot, and anything edited, and I have a comprehensive spreadsheet on the past, present, and future of FRAMELINESTurns out I can finish another entire episode in a few weeks easily if we get a single interview shot soon. That would make me very happy.

In this latest episode, I had to put an ON LOCATION segment together pretty quick so I used one of my own Cell Phone Monologue shoots. It behooves me to do that because the show ain’t about me. This could be controversial, except I don’t really give a shit what anyone but me thinks about what I do with the show. I had 2 hours of Behind the Scenes B-Roll so the story looks great, minus my fat ass on screen.

To rectify this, I put out a call for people to contact us when they’re doing shoots. Been a while, so I put it on every single Ohio filmmaking forum there is. Already got 2 responses, and I hope we can get on this a little better.

Hit the gym last night. First time since I got sick. I wore myself down in a 3rd the amount of time I had worked up to. It’s almost like starting over, but I slept like a baby, so I did something right.

Being without the kittens took some adjusting. My two boys couldn’t be happier. Lorenzo is positively jubilant. He loved the little ones, but for whatever reason, their departure has opened him up. “V” just wants his partition of time to me as always, so little changed for him.

“I try so hard not to get upset because I know all the trouble I’ll get”
– Til Tuesday

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