Man, does this stuff keep trucking! I can’t stop working, still for the cash money. That’s not a bad thing, owning a house is expensive stuff. I’m yearning for some time to mine own self to get things finished in my personal repertoire. As it is, going to shoot several new things next week. Crew and everything scheduled for these. Got a housewarming party coming up. Just hung a brand new mirror in the bathroom all by myself. I had to re-drill new holes since it was made to hang horizontal and there was nothing there for vertical hanging. I suck at home DIY, but sometimes I can pull off something simple. Sometimes not.

Caught up with one of my former interns. After his internship, he went to film school in SoCal. He told me in one of his graduate programs, they played one of the Tech Tip videos from FRAMELINES, which he of course worked on. That BLOWS MY MIND. That’s what amazes me; that these things we do for FRAMELINES are making a difference, getting seen, and educating people.

I never studied filmmaking in college. I took a couple fluff film analysis classes at the most, but never theory or production courses. I am self taught. My desire to teach comes from the excitement I get from learning new things with film and wanting to share that with anyone else who gets excited by the process.

Started my weekly Kubrick classics last week, hoping to continue this week as well. Watching movies inspires me to make more. Let’s rock.

“Waiting your time, dreaming of a better life
Waiting your time, you’re more than just a wife
You don’t have to do what your mother has done
She has done, this is your life, this new life has begun”
– Peter Gabriel

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