I have really been getting into SEAL’s music lately. I got into him a little in 1995 when KISS FROM A ROSE re-emerged on the Batman Forever soundtrack. What stood out to me was that WENDY & LISA from PRINCE AND THE REVOLUTION were playing on that song and his whole 1994 album. They’re now doing the weekly score to HEROES on NBC.¬†Anyways, I got the 2 CD “Best of Seal” set that has a whole disc of acoustic versions, but there was a remix of another song I was unfamiliar with, at least I THOUGHT I was unfamiliar with it. It’s called MY VISION, and it’s a remix of that song “featuring Jakatta”. Now when the song starts there’s a piano ballad playing chords that sound hauntingly familiar. As it goes to the bridge, it gets even MORE familiar to me and I couldn’t place it. The song itself is quite techno and thumping, but the piano song comes from a soft, ballad that slows and hits moods.

I had the notion it was from a soundtrack score to a movie. At first I thought perhaps it was from ROAD TO PERDITION. That score has a lot of ballady piano pieces. Nope. I went through it track by track. Then I had some trace of memory that it might be from SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION, but alas, I do not own that score. So for over 2 weeks I was wondering, but never had the inclination (or time) to search this out. I went to AMAZON.COM and a few other sites but few had audio samples of the tracks. Then I found one that did. Track #7, “BROOKS WAS HERE“, and that was a note for note exact sample of piano and strings for this SEAL song.

Now I know why it haunted me so much and why it connected. This was the temp track we used in HORRORS OF WAR for the scene between Dan Kiely and Megan Pillar. Phil Garrett had this soundtrack and as all films do at that stage, we used temp music tracks to demonstrate to a composer the feel, and for us as editors, to pace the scene and get a sense of how emotion will be affected by music.

Mystery solved. Mental obsessive compulsive disorders abated.

There you go. Just a little insight into what I do to my mind when I wait nearly 2 hours for a render of video and effects for my day job.

– Peter John Ross

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