Every time I get to a certain stage, I take 2-3 steps backwards. MRSA is back. I’m bleeding again on my back. I can eat better, go walking 5-6 times a week, and get plenty of rest but this just isn’t going to go away, is it? I’m destined to live out the remainder of my days with pain. I accept this. For all the things I’ve done and said in my life, there are worse things. I know this because I’ve done them. Sometimes you have to take your medicine, literal and figurative. This is the first time the MRSA has come back where I didn’t automatically have a great deal of rage for a certain someone. This is progress.

I had an idea when I was on my walk today. It wasn’t a new idea per se, but it was an enhancement on one of the future projects I wanted to do. Tonight, I saw a plan to combine several things into one wrapper and make great use of time, resources, cast, and crew. I know serendipity isn’t completely gone because when ideas pop into your head like this, sometimes it’s a snowball that builds into an avalanche.

There were times where ideas flowed over me and washed through my soul. Other times the process can rip my body and mind apart trying to get through. That’s how ACCIDENTAL ART was. Writing the feature length screenplay was as painful as childbirth must be only it took 7 years.

Anyways, here comes the sun…

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