With a somewhat epic journey, I have my location for the next Cell Phone Monologue. I have always preached that Film Commissions are not really there to help local filmmakers as their function is to bring outside production money in; I have to eat those words because the Columbus Film Commission paved the way into a museum to shoot and I am very excited because cinematically, having that environment ain’t easy to fake. So thanks film commissions for helping a local boy get into a hard to shoot location! I am tense. I cannot relax. I have so much work to do. It never feels like I’m getting enough done or getting enough rest. Getting the condo finished, at least my extensive list of repairs and improvements might alleviate some of this anxiety. Teaching drains me, especially with morning classes. I hate mornings.

What really makes things difficult, when you have a little paid work or a single class in a day, which wrecks your editing schedule and you don’t get a lot done, don’t make nearly as much money, and can’t dedicate the proper amount of time to a project. And that is how 7 days a week tend to be for me every week with little to no breaks.

Want to know something else irritating? How about when you make a suggestion several times to someone, like when someone complains they can’t afford headshots. You say to them, “What about John Doe? He does headshots for free sometimes” and the response is, “No, he won’t do it” even though he was never asked. Cut to a year or so later and you read a blog saying “I came up with this great idea; John Doe is doing my headshots for me!” Makes you want to scream.

Scripts are written. Animation is animating. Breakdowns are breaking down. Editing proceeds albeit slower than I like (because of procrastination and paid work interfering). Money still coming in. Cats lie around, make noises, and sleep. My life could be a lot worse. I could be where I was a year or two ago.

Karma keeps paying out some debts to me and it feels great!


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