I’ve got so much going on, my head is swimming. This weekend is about a certain amount of relaxation, and some light editing. Next week I’ll present some sneak peeks at the Mid Ohio Filmmakers Association meeting, then more at the IndieClub Cleveland meeting later this month. Deadlines help facilitate progress. As if I didn’t already have a monstrous amount of work before me, two very tiny video projects, personal and non-paid no less, are entering the fray. These are the quickest and most easily completed, both more like video blogs with little to no B-Roll necessary. That still detracts from the other items in the cue.

I feel somewhat prolific at the moment. Better to shoot as much as possible and let the editorial dictate what gets done in what order. I like the idea of having a backlog of material that can be cut and released as time permits. Besides, the Sonnyboo Intern Army grows daily. Add two more to the mix.

Finally, a little more estrogen to the team…

This will be the summer of production art. With the newest intern being a storyboard artist and concept designer, I plan on attacking a ton of material. He builds a resume, a lot of it will become produced work, and that means win-win.

Getting my groove back this past year has been very difficult. It’s 90% here. There’s still a little something missing, but not much. I can say that the day before, of, and after the shoot this past Monday got me in a zone I haven’t been in for years.

Looks like more paid work coming in. I have been able to afford my bills, some new clothes and shoes, and the little things that have improved New Rossdonia. Your faithful narrator is content.


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