The first tape of 6 episodes of FRAMELINES with Closed Captions dubbed just fine. So much stress left my body when I put that tape in a mail pouch. I took on a class for this morning to teach. It was fun since I demonstrated some editing things. I’m not giving myself any time off. I wound myself up too tight the last few weeks. I feel like the walking dead at the moment. I need sleep. I have things I have to do. This conundrum tears me apart. Trying to solve the time crunch on Closed Captions combined with a quick turnaround on a client project, with full classes in the same week wore me down. I can’t even fire up a movie I’m so tired.

Gonna screen a CELL PHONE MONOLOGUE at the IndieClub Cleveland meeting, along with some other clips as yet unseen. I cannot stress enough how important it is to show your movies to an audience and get real feedback. Like a scientist, try to find out what people DON’T like just as much as what they do like. You can’t learn anything without knowing what you did wrong too. Only seeking compliments does your movies no good, & stunts your growth as a filmmaker.

Today I put on a class on editing at the school. I tackled the latest Cell Phone Monologue for the first time with an audience. It was weird having to slow down my mental process so people could comprehend what I was doing and why. I got probably 75% of the basic cut done, along with some interesting fixes. Like how to remove a boom shadow from a wall without losing the performance you like best. How L-cuts save the day between 2 performances from a wide to a close up.

Gonna take a nap before getting to more editing, authoring a DVD for Indieclub, cutting a :30 second sample for the Emmy’s™ award ceremony (eeeeeee!!!).

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