What a busy month this is! Moving, web series, podcasts, TV shows, and screenings Oh My! Tonight Mickey Fisher’s TV show EXTANT premiere’s. I am so happy for him. His story shows that if you simply work hard and do good work – you can really reach the stars. His story, which we covered for FRAMELINES, really brings me so much happiness. I have every faith in Mickey’s writing to make this a great show. I’m in for the next 13 weeks.
 With the big move, you’d think I wouldn’t have time, but I am already prepping some more shoots in the noggin. Casting ideas, script notes, and locations are all coming together.

2014 is my Second Renaissance. I have not been this busy, this positive, this productive or this creative in a decade. I love what I have been making lately. I am content and yet still striving to improve. That is a good feeling. I have a lot of things shot and in the queue, awaiting their turn to be finished. What a great sense of accomplishment that has perpetual waves of elation.

Holy cow! The Emmy’s are less than a month away! Date? Check. Reservations? Check. New suit…. uh, soon. I don’t think I’ll splurge too much as I’m 90% sure this isn’t my year. Next year however, is a totally different story… I have a plan.

“I’m standing on a bridge. I’m waiting in the dark. I thought that you’d be here by now”
– Avril Lavigne

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