As work continues on FRAMELINES, our PBS filmmaking show, it tests my limits of NOT being able to show the vast majority of our work until it airs on TV. Now we have our air dates. April 26th, 2011 FRAMELINES will begin to air in the Columbus market on WOSU the local PBS station. It will premiere earlier in the month on PBS in North East Ohio from Cleveland to Canton to Kent to Youngstown. Here is a sneak peek at the ROUNDTABLE segment I host, this one on screenwriting:

I am mired in my own bile at the moment. For the past several months I have been living in a self imposed exile. My attitudes have not been conducive to human contact. I have a great deal of cynicism towards people. Strangely, my overall attitude towards “filmmaking” and even our local scene has never been more positive. What an odd contradiction that I have lost faith in many people, but not what they can achieve!

As the weather melts the frost, as does my darker thoughts. Of late, my endeavors seem to be achieving their marks; my own motivation increases on various projects. As I begin to work out my obsessions on outstanding projects like BITTER OLD MAN and finish more and more of the episodes of FRAMELINES; I find it curtails my cynicism and erodes the cobwebs of negativity.

Perhaps this spring might see even more positivity increase? Mayhap, more ambitious projects may come to fruition?

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