Here is my current draft of Bitter Old Man 2011. The FX are temporary, as is the sound mix. This is just a little something for my avid readers of the blog. 

I’m going to do a video blog with some side by side comparisons of the two shots, but I’ll need the final matte paintings before I do that. These are temp photoshop files I put together to show the artist what I had in mind and how we can manipulate layers, etc.

Let me know what you think.

Well, let me know what you think if you are NOT one of the freaks who visits my site 7-10 times a week from Westerville or Reynoldsburg. I only visit MY own sites every 3-4 days. Get a life. It’s more than a little scary that anyone reads my stuff this much. Seriously. Stop scaring me. Obsess over someone worth obsessing over. That ain’t me.

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