Well another year is coming to a close. Normally this time of year, I have time for introspection, reflecting on the time that has passed. Not this year. I am busy with work, paid and volunteer. So much is going on, that I haven’t had much time for anything. The worst thing is last week finding out my brother has brain cancer. What little free time I have is going to the family. Hospital visits and consults, diagnosis and treatment plans. Trying to pitch in on the logistics of everything for the worst case scenarios, which is never pleasant, but just in case.

I am editing on a short film for someone else too. That’s put on hold while all the family stuff kicks in. All the sound is synchronized, and 2 scenes are cut. I hope to get back to these edit sessions with the director next week.

As I said, looking at the year as a whole, it has been a great year. Not a lot of huge high points per se, just an overall pleasant and enjoyable time. I’ve had my own health issues come up a lot, and yet nothing too severe.

I love my house. Been here over a year and the glow of being in ROSSLAND does not diminish. The quarterly parties have been pretty successful, both in attendance and fun. The annual Penny Poker Party in January always kicks ass, so I look forward to that.

I took in the new kitty, Cordelia Calrissian DeVille, or “C.C.” for short, although her nickname tends to be Princess Kitty Awful Cat because of how much trouble she gets into daily, as well as her adorability factor being in a higher quotient.

My personal work output has slowed, and that will not do. 2016 looks to be a good year too. My output will increase as my creative side yearns to make new things.

All I can say is that I have been very happy. To good friends, good times, and to life. Thank you all.

“With the world turning
circles running ’round my brain.
I guess I’m always hoping
that you’ll end this reign
But it’s my destiny to
be the king of pain.”
– The Police

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