I’ve been ill again. It seems having a compromised immune system isn’t much of a picnic. A simple cold can demolish me along with a simple cut gets infected inside of a day. And sleep can be quite elusive at times, which makes the recovery take longer. I hate getting sick all the time. At least I got to a simple :30 second edit I was sitting on for months. Next up a few more edits from the “shot not cut” queue. I am burned out still. I work obsessively for months, then crash for months. The problem is that lately, I have been slipping into the funk, the cold embrace of mild depression. Once I recognized several of the symptoms cropping back up, I took action and forced myself to edit something I had, especially something so short and easy. The completion released endorphins and joy crept back in.

Interestingly, at the moment of final export of the little FRAMELINES piece, all 3 of my cats were in my edit suite – being peaceful with each other no less. The ritualistic dance of Editing Export began, set to Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson and life started to feel a lot better. The new kitten CC had not been present for one of these ritual funky dance exhibitions and now she’s afraid to let me pet her. My dancing made her think I was having a seizure.

Yup, I think the break time is over. It didn’t make me healthier to take this much time off. If anything, my eating got worse and my physical activity was the same or worse. I’d rather have things and stuff to show for my efforts.

I’ve got some work to do.

“We’ve wanted to be trusty and true
But feathers fell from our wings
And we’ve wanted to be worthy of you
But weather rained on our dreams”
– Damien Rice

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