Officially fried. Crispy on the outside and charcoal black on the inside. Not the best feeling, but far from the worst. This weekend will get to some of my own stuff, but also a lot of cleaning due to a house guest spending the night Sunday. FINALLY get to use the guest bedroom for a guest that isn’t feline. Maybe I will also have found a way to properly mount a GoPro camera to a cat by then too. I’m looking to get one of those remote controlled helicopters to both film and terrorize the Boys of Rossdonia. Getting the camera on a cool thing like that sounds like fun. What a bizarre time we live in to be able to shoot in high definition on such a tiny camera with so many possibilities.

For this Movie Clichés series, one of the first pieces done was about Time Travel and it was almost entirely animation but I just haven’t been happy with the animations thus far. I’m asking one of the best animators in the state to take a crack at it.

I just will not be satisfied with “good enough“. I won’t even take “good“. I want GREAT. I’ve held off on slopping these together just to have them done because I am striving for something better. I’ve learned a lot about patience in the last year or so. A lot.

“the shades go down, it’s in her head, painted room… can’t deny there’s something wrong”
― Pearl Jam

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