The Interactive Multicam Project is now online . Whew! That was a long time coming. I am in a groove right now, just rocking it with edits and post production. I’m working seriously long days on political ads, including weekends and full days on Sundays. Still, I get home and start cutting away. Gotta get more done. Even with my schedule, I nearly broke my ankle walking off one step of a porch. Rode my bike, then got a charlie horse in the middle of the night after. I limp everywhere with a cane. I slept really well and deep last night after the painkillers numbed my brain.

I did upgrade to Adobe CS6. I meant to do a reformat, reinstall of the whole OS because I prefer clean installs, well, if you intend for programs to work right. I couldn’t find the system restore discs, so that meant going with what I got for now. I had been using CS6 for the last week and a half at the place I am freelancing. I liked it, but my Matrox hardware has a lot of benefits for CS5.5

Eh, I trucked forward anyways. CS6 has some nice features, but it’s always been the artist not the brush that counts. I hit one snag at first which is the audio from the MX02 takes over Premiere and you no longer have the option to monitor audio from the PC speakers…. so I just plugged an RCA to MINI pin into the front of my PC speakers and within seconds, I had both PC sound and Matrox MX02 monitoring from the same speakers.

“There ain’t gonna be no more beggin’ you please
You know what I want “
– Aerosmith

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