So I was set to enjoy the extra time off work, maybe get caught up on some movie watching, and possibly get to the screenwriting, re-writing that has been awaiting me. Nope, that was not in the cards for your faithful narrator. As has become the norm, some guy from my past had to swoop in with ultimatums and needs and take away the relaxation and peace in the world of Boo. It started with an email, and then after that, another email. After panicked phone calls, it was time to take action. On Christmas Eve, I was asked to do an emergency edit on this guy’s TV show that needs to go out on the 26th with all expediency. So I bailed on My Sexy Fiancé Veronica’s ™ family gather on the Eve, and awaited the beta tapes so I could start the work. And I waited. Then more waiting. Finally I called the guy back, and he said he wouldn’t be able to get it to me until Christmas morning. So I bailed on the rest of the family activities on Christmas day, and then awaited a phone call that came at 7:30PM. By then, I and the lovely woman had gone to Champps for our annual Xmas homage to American Consumerism. Plus, our entire house was in disarray as we re-arrange, trying to prepare for the new breakfast nook, etc.

I didn’t get the footage in my hands until 9:30PM. By then, we were knee deep in the re-arrangement of our entire first floor and basement. Furniture has been released into the wild, and let go. Desks have been moved from one floor to another, and very little is left undisturbed. I will miss being able to see sunlight, as my laptop and desk has been reallocated to the basement. The upside is the increased security for my DVD collection and computer equipment since the basement has a decent lock, aside from the new security systems for getting into the condo these days. It is a sacrifice, giving up a window and sunlight to the woman, but I’m more or less trading to get the kitchen back. My Sexy Fiancé Veronica’s ™ desk and computer setup was moved into the kitchen some months ago and we have not had a table or chairs to eat at for over 6 months.

Lately, I’ve been cooking a LOT more than I used to and there’s no place to eat. I’ve been eating over the sink or stove, or in front of a computer screen. I hate it. It’s like being perpetually at work unless you go out to eat, which has taken its toll on my bank account. If I had a ton more money, as in a spare $1,000 lying around, I would have bought an actual restaurant booth for our kitchen. They look so cool and it would be like going out to eat in our own house every time I cook.

I’m about to start work on this project that ruined my Xmas. I am charging this yahoo through the roof for wasting my time and pissing me off. He seems pretty cool though, as he tried to pay me via credit card on Xmas eve, but I don’t take credit card. I’m a person, not a company; even Sonnyboo Productions is a façade, not real.

At least I didn’t stuff myself with holiday meals, although I am still a bit hungry… Where are my holiday buckeyes?


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