Life has been in transition for me for months. From the health scares earlier in the year to multiple recent changes in job related situations. Life is clearly sending me a signal. Time to change directions, head onto a different path. I hear you, and I am on my way. The destination isn’t clear yet. All I know is that whether or not I take the first steps, the path has changed under my feet. Went to the IndieClub Cleveland again last night. Had a blast, even saw my cousin and uncle. Of course, Marie’s Pizza was had and plenty of it left over as a 2nd and 3rd meal the next day, even shared with my roommates. I think the total run time of my videos was under 3 minutes.

What stuck out most to me was how peaceful the drive to and fro went. When I do long drives by myself, my brain enters that state where theta waves occur, similar to the place your mind goes as you begin to drift towards sleep. There is that netherworld between conscious and subconscious, where you freely drift from topic to topic, place to place. It’s the very heart of freeform creativity.

Strangely, some answers to a script that has mostly existed in my head occurred on this drive. Several characters began to speak on their own and surprise me. I haven’t had that experience in years quite frankly. I got whole new scenes, old scenes completed in ways unexpected, and finally something of a resolution just appeared. I replayed this over and over until it was memorized.

Yesterday was a good day. Tomorrow will be even better.

“Am I the greatest bastard that you know?
The only one who let you go?
The one you hurt so much you cannot bear?
Well we were good, when we were good
When we were not misunderstood
You helped me love, you helped me live
You helped me learn how to forgive”
– Damien Rice

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