People are funny things. So I put out the last Movie Cliche on TIME TRAVEL and the strangest reactions were people getting so angry at the idea to the most hilarious assumptions as to how I felt beyond the statements in the video itself. Rather than engage a whole lot, I just kinda watched and giggled a bit. My intent was not to troll, but rather that was a happenstance based on the crazy feedback. By this point, I’m not really looking to argue with anyone. I’ve had my fill for a lifetime or two. One of the only things I can say is that I make something or say something, then put it out there. How people react or how they interpret me from that work isn’t really my concern, nor does it have a lot to do with me.

This blog isn’t going to address any of the misconceptions or assumptions made about me or the video in question. Again, everyone is entitled to their opinions and my goal is not to sway people one way or another.

I will say that my hypothesis that the Internet really does allow people to be ruder and more insensitive without consequence rings true. This isn’t a complaint; merely a statement of fact. This is the new world. If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.

“It’s Too High To Get Over
Too Low To Get Under
You’re Stuck In The Middle
And The Pain Is Thunder
You’re A Vegetable”
– Michael Jackson

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