Another birthday came & went. I am 36 years old…. Still young because 40 is death. For the first time I feel older, but not old. I don’t know if I can eloquently describe what I am thinking on the subject. I guess, I don’t have to face maturity anytime soon and I have no intention of it. 

The best birthday presents are the ones you don’t expect. Mine was My Sexy Girlfriend Veronica™’s verbal slip up, which happens to be the name of this blog. In the game of chess that is dating her, getting her to admit to things like this are a treasure trove of endless teasing and reminders. I need to invest in a portable MP3 audio recording device so I can relive these magical moments over and over again.

We had a little poker party the day after my birthday. It was low key and fun. A few friends and others came. I barely played myself. I won the first few hands of the “practice” rounds, got some change, and then never made it back to the table. Scott cleaned up though. I’m glad he made it out to have a good time.

“V” was being himself and I realized he had never had to cope with more than 3-4 people in the house at one time. It was a new & terrifying experience for him. He wasn’t too bad, but at the end of the night, he started getting very bad when there was only 2-3 people left. I mentioned that I wanted to do some kind of video project featuring this barrel full of personality, and actually 2 different people gave me an idea that I might just wind up using. If I can be so inclined, as well as fate granting me more time to work at home as opposed to the studio, then “V” might become an online icon of feline adventure.

Last night in the car, on my way home, I was hit with an old idea that somehow never got written down. I have a text file of several ideas for movies, shorts, dialogue, and just whatever. It’s something I go to when the well is dry. Usually, everything, even the bad ideas, makes their way on this list. Sometimes the initial idea and the final product don’t resemble one another, but it did originate here from this list. I originally tried to give this idea to someone else for their project, but eventually that whole thing died and my bit was never used. Now, I can convert it to a pseudo sequel to the HOW TO DEAL WITH TELEMARKETERS shorts…

I’ve been struggling to come up with less ambitious shorts to try to do to not only get myself back in shape as a director, but also to fill the void left by the writer’s strike. I don’t think it’s an accident my overall views on all sites has gone up exponentially in the last 3-4 months. People are tuning away from TV and reality show hell and finding their entertainment online.

So it looks like HD-DVD is dead meat. With Warner Brothers defecting to Blu-Ray only, and Universal & Paramount’s exclusivity deals ending – Sony finally gets to win a technology war. Too bad it puts me off, but I’m not going to shell out $399 for a cheap Blu-Ray player. I happily concede that Blu-Ray is a superior format with 50 gigs per disc versus HD-DVD’s 30 gigs per disc, but I don’t want to pay $250 more to see it. I don’t get into the gaming systems, so a PLAYSTATION 3 is not a bargain to me. So the war may be over, but as I said before – the consumer lost more than any conglomerate of corporations.

That’s it I’m working up some projects in my head and fermenting the ideas before getting camera and crew together to hammer out anything in the real world. Life’s stresses are calming down and returning to normalcy. Maybe I can hone in and focus some of these ideas into real projects.

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