Well, what can I say? I have been so freakin’ busy lately, I don’t know where to begin, or what might be monotonous or interesting. One thing’s for sure. I have been incredibly ill that last few days. It’s called “Hay Fever” because the pollination of plants in the spring time have greatly agitated my sinuses via the allergies. I have had a high fever for the last 2-3 days, but it seems to finally be passing. I even did 2 commercial shoots during this time, so I have been making some headway into the world of monetary stability, albeit temporarily. Freelance work is never truly “steady”.

In the past few weeks, I have done post production work on 2 features, no less than 4 commercials, and a cable TV series. I have also been on 7 shoots ranging from sports to plays to guest speakers describing the histories of cultural phenomena in the work place. I did a 10 day stretch of no time off, including some pretty hard core double & triple days.

I am due to have a new car this week. The hard work pays off in that I will be mobile again thanks to my pops. He’s got a line on a reliable vehicle that I’ve waited months to get. I don’t care about make & models; it’s just not my thing. It gets like dick measuring with guys or comparing minivans with house wives. I have no use for it.

Life as an engaged man has not changed anything, except that my Sexy Fiancé Veronica ™ and I are getting along fantastic. She just dropped her 2 weeks notice at the restaurant and will soon become a sexy stewardess. I hope to join the mile high club and live out my airline fantasies in the very near future.

I still have not gotten caught up on my spindle (yes a 50+ DVD spindle) of movies to watch. For some reason I can’t get into a movie right now. A 4 episode disc of a TV series like THE SHIELD season 4, sure, but a 90 minute movie seems like a hefty commitment. I can’t explain the lack of logic, but I am enjoying well made TV series more than films at the moment. My attention span is in a different realm.

The single movie I made the time for was to show someone DONNIE DARKO : THE DIRECTOR’s CUT. I have only seen this movie one time before (never saw the theatrical cut) and God, this movie rocks. It’s the most cleverly concealed super hero movie ever made. Isn’t is ironic that this came out the same year as UNBREAKABLE (also a great film)? Now I have been told that I need to check out HEROS on NBC, which I have not seen a single Ep of… come on DVD’s!

The world has gone topsy turvey. With the videos of that weird kid in Virginia plaguing American television and even the Internet, all I can say is the disappoint I have in our own President’s first words, “While I respect our citizens rights to bear arms, they do have to follow the rules….” Followed by the head of the NRA saying, “If more student had firearms, the could have stopped this tragedy before it went as far as it did…” all of which makes me both nauseous and sad. Combine that with the medias non-stop coverage out of pure desperation to justify 6-7 24 hour news channels and we’ve got ourselves the most shallow and pathetic popular culture to have existed in human history. This makes Sodom and Gomorrah look like the Vatican.

I have many plans for my film projects this summer. I no longer wish to share details until after things occur at this point. As I enter more formal phases of pre-production, I may write about it, or I might not. I have a big mouth, both figuratively and literally. It’s high time I focused more on the work.

Sorry, no real dramas to report on. Nothing significant is happening in those arenas.

The cats are locked into a mortal combat of “V” of the front claws versus the mutant kitty named “Cousette” of the 6 Toed Feline Clan. They fight for affection, the fight for love, they fight over their territory. Cousette recently withdrew her entire set of elected officials from the newly formed government. This was a blow to the government and the Prime Minister of Rossdonia. Will our country fall into despair and civil war? Haven’t we been in a perpetual state of civil war this entire time? What complete morons think this ISN’T civil war already?

Stay tuned for more after these important messages. The WAR IN ROSSDONIA, brought to you by: HUNGRY HUNGRY HIPPOS! Buy this or your kids will becomes psychopathic delusionals!


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