Still slogging through the edits I have to do for FRAMELINES, many of which aren’t for immediate broadcast, but still in need of doing and putting online. I’m celebrating the finishing of a short video by listening to PRINCE from the underrated Under the Cherry Moon soundtrack – the song MOUNTAINS, the lyrics of which have deep meaning. Love will conquer, if you just believe. It’s only mountains and the sea. There’s nothing greater, you and me.“. So simple, and so powerful. Scared little Lorenzo as I screamed along.

Today I played acoustic guitar at the school. Someone brought it in as a prop and I played a little. Sung some too. I am neither a good player and an even worse singer. I guess seeing me out of the context students usually see had some kind of affect. Ugh. I don’t miss playing much, if at all. At this point, it would be purely some kind of connection to the now distant past of 20 years ago when I gave a rat’s ass about playing music.

Music dominated the first half of my life. Once I played the guitar, I thought I’d die with a Stratocaster around my neck. But I reached a point where it no longer meant anything to me. What I wrote in both music and lyrics never connected to anyone. It was ultimately unfulfilling. From :30 second commercials to 1 minute web videos and all the way to feature films, I feel I do much better with motion pictures. And if you think my movies suck, then you can only imagine how bad the music must have been…


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