This fairly new term “social media” was born from the ever changing Internets. The sites du jour, Facebook, Twitter, and to a much lesser extent Google+ (might as well be Myspace there, Google), have replaced the many sites with standard forums and message boards. The timing that makes these current sites last longer is the compatibility with smart phones and the new fangled tablet markets. 12-13 years ago, I rode a wave of the pre-social media Internet. At that time, far fewer people called themselves filmmakers too. Sadly, I did not have the skillset to warrant that title either. So many of the frustrations I feel towards indie filmmakers represents nothing more than a disdain at myself and my own beginnings. With the new era of the “information age”, and with tutorials online, there are so few excuses as to why people don’t learn how to make better movies.

Of course, this discounts the reality that it’s hard work and talent is an amorphous, inexplicable thing that people may or may not ever be capable of possessing. Every time I learn something, I like to make an instructional video to help demonstrate a palatable way to understand the concepts.

Now, I want to market myself and my work, solely to promote the work. Sure, I have an ego, as we all possess one. The confidence originates from some place of passion for the movies, for the idea that we can all be artists, and that I think I can share what little I know. That combined with a driving force to TELL STORIES (long winded or otherwise), and the marketing/promotion just makes sense.

Will be people be annoyed with the marketing machine of Sonnyboo? I guess. Why should I care if some people are inexplicably concerned that I am out there touting my projects? I don’t. I never did and I’m not about to start now. I am about to start turning up the volume and I need to remind myself about what it is I do and do well. And that’s making a lot of noise about movies.

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