I see patterns everywhere. Even in randomness, patterns develop, not unlike the theory of fractals. This causes a degree of predictability. By no means a perfect system or entirely precognitive or anything like that. In some ways seeing these repeatable patterns has made life a little dull at times, as it is an unemotional analytical side. Then those things come through and wreck your entire system. Maybe that’s why I love my cats. They are supposed to be categorical, but they seem to defy logic and reason. Other animals are predictable. Every time I think I have these boys down, they go and do something different.

This is also what makes dating so difficult for me. As soon as I work out the predictability of a woman, I get bored. They are perfectly nice people. I just don’t see my intellect being ignited by someone who uses the word “like” more than 3-5 times per sentence or ends said sentences with “or something“. When not used as a simile, using the word “like” means they don’t have a clue what the word means. Then saying “or something” to conclude every sentence means it might actually negate everything just spoken.

These abuses of the English language drive me nuts. Don’t even get me started on how warped and twisted the word “amazing” has become….

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