The last few weeks have been great. I’ve gotten so much work done on so many fronts. Whether it’s finalizing TV shows, writing for a webseries, and even getting my home in order; your faithful narrator has been on track. Nothing can deter me right now. We got all the closed captions done for 15 episodes for THE OHIO CHANNEL. Going to deliver a hard drive on Monday and in a few short weeks, the show will get back on the air statewide. Along with mass producing the data discs in HD for the PBS stations proper means we will start getting good exposure in no time. I even started to look at making some customized shows for the Ohio Channel with extra content, basically combining CLIP FRAMES content to FRAMELINES.

On the home front, I painted the spare bedroom all on my own. Did some massive cleaning (still working on it actually), and found some cool movie related decor. I have really grown to love my home. I lament the death of a part of my immaturity in that I keep my house in order for myself – make my bed whether someone’s coming over or not – as this is a little sad. Sure, it makes me happier to be proud of my space, but it’s also a major part of who and what I was.

I just don’t 100% know what I want to do with the spare bedroom. I could reallocate some of my book shelves from the basement library, move a nice chair and couch in there and make a reading room. Or I could set it up as a guest bedroom, that would only be used 2-3 times a year at the most. I do know I don’t want it to be Cat Playland anymore. I moved the cat condos out of there and soon I will no longer have a litterbox staying there.

I’m getting my work done. I’ve been watching movies at home more. Cutting down on Internet again (which actually helps explain the productivity). We’ve got a big job coming up at Production Partners which is great because money doesn’t suck. I’m going to get a new range and some new windows, so the work will help improve the homestead further.

Yup, I love my place now. I’m very comfortable. I also like creating mini-projects to improve the place, as it keeps me busy – meaning I don’t waste time where I don’t get anything from the expenditure of time or money. I am at peace inside. Even though the MRSA keeps coming back and wreaking havoc on me in the most inconvenient places.


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