So a bunch of us are going to see THOR 2 after class tonight. IMAX 3D with the 5 minute peek at CAPTAIN AMERICA 2, seems like a good time. Been trying to get THE HOBBIT extended edition on Blu Ray, but it’s sold out at every Best Buy in the city. Not sure why the hurry since finding a 4 hour block of time to watch a movie seems like a mirage in the desert of my schedule. And I have time to shoot tomorrow, though… I’m so far behind on edits at the moment, both paid and unpaid. I need a block of time, hopefully one that occurs AFTER a block of time for sleep, deep contemplation, fried food, and a trip to the gym. If you feel the last two are contradictory, then you don’t understand that one causes the dire need for the other.

Plotting, scheming, and organizing the next few shoots in my head. Getting them out on paper is next. Casting and crewing up come after that. I won’t waste a lot of time. There’s always something that can be shot right now. I have another demonstration scene for FRAMELINES that can be done which takes minimal effort, except a harder location to shoot in.

If only time weren’t bearing down on me like a fat guy at a pie eating contest….

“You say you feel so empty. That our house just ain’t a home”

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