How things change on a dime! We have our air date in Columbus for FRAMELINES. It will premiere here on April 24th at 2:30AM in full HD on Channel 34.1 with repeats to follow (on better time slots I assume) on 34.3 the “Create” extra digital channel. To help promote the show, I wanted to do a live presentation sneak preview with more of a Super Show at a theater. That’s now officially booked at Studio 35 on April 16th, Saturday at 3:00PM. The biggest difference there will be that we’ll show entire short films before the segments about those films or filmmakers. The screening should be a fun time, as I’m still ironing out the details, which segments of the show to present, etc. So far, I have most of my picks. This event might also make our local sponsors happy, as it’s yet another chance to see their logos in front of the niche audience. We aren’t going to charge to go to the screening, but we will be asking for donations to support the production. The cool thing is that donations will be tax deductible thanks to our fiscal agent being a 501C3 non-profit.

In the last few days, the stars lined up and I’m doing a short film shoot next week. It’s another in my series of shorts that I started last year, but have not completed. I wanted to work with another editor to make them a different style than what I normally do, but it looks like I’m on my own. As I have said recently, it feels like I’m waking up from a groggy state and wanting to be fully creative, at least my own definition thereof, again.

One of my biggest stumbling blocks remains the writing part. It doesn’t come as easy as it used to; in fact I rather procrastinate quite a bit when it comes to writing. Not this time. I knew what I wanted, and it nearly wrote itself inside of 20 minutes. I had the luck of relying on a semi-true story which made it substantially easier than most.

Just putting the final touches on the cast on this bad boy will shoot before the end of the week. Then my series will have more than 1 short!

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