Rambled in my editing like my mind was on fire. Couldn’t stay with any one project for more than a few minutes at a time. I had to jump around from After Effects to Photoshop to Premiere. I walked a few miles, talked on the phone a lot and wanted to come to terms with where my head and my heart are taking me. I had one of those moments of clarity. I have found a deal of peace in acceptance. I’m widdling away at projects in the queu. Taking a bit on it each day will still yield the crop eventually. I just can’t focus when my head is so full of thoughts and ideas. I’ve been writing down as much as I can, or more to the point as much as I need to.

After such a wonderful day of walking and talking, enjoying the weather as much as I can away from the computer, I had some amazing positive thoughts. I’ve been writing on occasion of things I am thankful for, and today I just enveloped myself with these thoughts of gratitude.

I talked to several friends today. I seek advice when I have a crisis of faith. When I contemplate doing something, I usually want to know what people think. A diverse set of opinions, looking for the perspectives I had not considered. I weigh it all out and make a decision. That’s what friends are for. Yes, sometimes I throw caution to the wind, along with their opinions and that almost universally ends in disaster. You know life is trying to tell you something when everyone you know from every walk of life has the exact same opinion.

For once I’ll heed the advice and NOT indulge my instincts. I am strangely positive considering I’m still asking the same questions, getting the exact same answers, and don’t have the slightest clue why I’m still here on this planet alive at this moment.

I’m so happy right now and no idea why. I’m excited to do work. I love that my cats were laying on me for an hour (together in peace, which is reason enough to celebrate life). I’m euphoric and I cannot explain why. I’m so thankful and it’s nonspecific.

Time to shoot some intros.

“Maybe I was wrong to ever let you down, but I did what I did before love came to town”
– U2

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