FINALLY! Something worked the way it was supposed to. Adobe Media Encoder has been sometimes buggy. You’re supposed to be able to load up an entire queue of a hundred videos to get encoded for the web, then go away and come back hours later and magically they are done. That hasn’t worked for me in years, but I finally licked it and got it to work (by deleted a surround sound encoder file). Now, I can load up a lot of videos and get some damn rest. If only my new mattress had worked as magically… Every night I’ve been waking up with back pains. I assumed it was my 12+ year old mattress. I dipped into my savings and bought a new mattress and box spring. Loaded this thing up and set it up. Nope, still in pain after in the exact same thing. Nothing has changed. I sleep the same way every single night with no real difference. Literally overnight one night, I’m in pain and cannot get sleep.

Got several more film festival submissions out. Entered a few more award competitions (I hate competition, but it gets promotion – so argh, promotion won the competition inside my soul). Things are going to get louder and louder soon. More screenings, more videos, more outlets, more press, more exposure.

Soon, I will get to make movies again. I have so many things ready to go, just need shot. Holding out to get to the good parts seems to be what life is sometimes. I have some plans forming into a much clearer vision to get on screens. Frustration lives inside when I can’t proceed on the things my mind fixate on. Then again, my OCD also needs me to finish the job in front of me, so it’s the lesser of 2 competing obsessive-compulsives.

“Well there’s a rose in a fis2ed glove and the eagle flies with the dove”
– Stephen Stills

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