Ah, how coincidental the titles of my blogs lately have simply been the titles of every Led Zeppelin song and yet they match the subject more often than not. On this blog, I have almost always done an end of the year review of things I accomplished. Not this year. It’s not that the bad outweighed the good or anything like that. I just don’t feel like looking back much right now. The horizon is just too bright on both the personal and professional fronts. I’m looking firmly ahead at what I am facing and instead of the daunting climb making me feel tired, I’m excited to take my first steps over the mountain. I’m working towards something still. It’s the same goals as before. I just have better eyes to see through the nonsense. I have no time for bad distractions.

I’m putting my whole life back together again, step by step. So far so good. My home is not only livable, but nice. Getting healthier, every day I eat a little better and I work to make my body a bit more whole if not a lot less of it. Empirical evidence that I’m getting over the ex? Yesterday was her birthday and I didn’t notice. The only reason I remembered is because my cell phone pinged me a reminder. Being busy helps a lot. I’m editing a lot at home right now, driving right on through the holidays with work. Most of it paid work.

Maybe 2012 was the year that I’ll remember as the one where I started to get really happy in life. All I had to do was cut loose the albatross that nearly choked me to death. In comic books getting bit by a spider reveals super powers. In real life it shows you who the good friends are and who the assholes are. I had a surprisingly high number of assholes in my life. Glad they’re not in my life anymore.

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