Shoot got rained out this morning. Disappointing, but not devastating. I really wanted to finish this short today. Alas, it was not meant to be. Luckily, I have such a mountain of work before me that if work is to be a distraction from woes, I may never have time to lament unless I choose to. I choose work. Speaking of Mount Projects, I love that my muse has not yet abandoned me. Inspiration comes from those strange corners of life. The symptom of my ‘writer’s block’ of the last 4 years was not feeling particularly interested in things that had previously lit up my brain. I have been looking over my notes of potential projects and what I have had on deck unfinished.

Two other projects are interesting me again. No, they will not happen before ACCIDENTAL ART, as that is my highest priority for the larger gigs. I just like that instead of feeling like retiring, I want to pursue more movies after it. It doesn’t feel like the end of a journey, but the beginning of one.

It’s the work. The work has brought me back to life. I owe this world some movies and I intend to keep paying.

Horrendous and painful bout of insomnia hitting me this week. My sleep schedule is completely blown. I had been trying to keep closer to normal hours of late. That’s derailed.

At least I got back to walking yesterday. That felt great. It’s odd that anger, depression, anxiety – all negative things, can actually HELP in exercise. With the mind completely occupied, you can exert the body beyond what you otherwise might limit.

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