Surprise in the mail today, got a stack of THANK YOU letters from the High School I spoke to last week, along with a gift card. I am genuinely moved by this, although I assume the teacher made them do this. If I was wondering if the kids were paying attention, then these letters clearly showed they were. I talked a bit about several things in brief, and they brought up several of these obscurities in the letters. I always hope people will remember what I say when I get in front of them and talk. In reality, I assume that it’s just my hot air and it just dissipates into the ether. No offense to the crowd, but I didn’t think anyone found much of what I say to be of any import.

As my workload ramps up, my creativity also increased randomly. Ideas and inspiration flow as some of my personal issues fade away. After doing a lot of reasonably simple podcasts and Tech Tips, my thirst for more ambitious shoots needs sated.

I have a plan. The delayed Uncle Pete phase 2 shoots will come in April. Other than that, the oft delayed Movie Cliche shoots, a short film, and a feature film all to follow. I intend on being busy this summer. Very busy.

Aside from acute pain in my abdomen, gout cropping up, intense pain in my back, and a fingernail cut too short – I feel utterly fantastic. As a person, as a friend to some, and as a recovering filmmaker – I FEEL GREAT. Somehow I divorced my broken body from affecting my mood. I wish I knew how so I could always do this.

Episode 20 for FRAMELINES enters post production this weekend. Gonna also do a couple episodes of Clip Frames edited together. Might also get some other stuff edited that’s been in the queue for a while.

“Confiseur merci, des mélodies en si. Suspendu a tes mains joli tour du destin”
– Mélanie Laurent

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