One of the perpetually fascinating aspects of filmmaking in the Internet era remains how fragile egos can be. I guess what really keeps me interested is when people try to write things with the intent to hurt feelings in the exact same way the a grade schooler would. Writing things like “you suck!” or “you’re an ass!” are supposed to evoke a reaction, but the only one I get are chuckles at the simplistic and rather pedestrian attempts at angering me. What I am reminded of is THIS clip from ROADHOUSE and I’ve always learned from the quote in regards to name calling like being called a cocksucker is simply “two nouns combined to elicit a prescribed response“. When you know that all someone, especially a complete stranger, says such insults are trying so hard to get a response, I find it incredibly hard to have those feelings.

Some yahoo on the Internet who has never met me, never spoken to me says I am talentless or an asshole. The only reaction I feel in my most deep, dark honest places is simply confusion. I don’t know why I am supposed to care. I have not been upset by such statements since about the 7th grade.

My hypothesis is that these people are saying things that they think would upset themselves. When some guy tries to belittle FRAMELINES by saying it’s a public access show even though it airs on PBS, I’m not really bothered by that. Why would I be? It airs on PBS regionally. Some guy screaming at the top of a mountain that it’s just a cable access show just seems like a weirdo stating something that is pretty easily proven untrue. He looks like an imbecile. Maybe it would bother him to have his show on cable access.

Who knows? I’m not a psychopath or a retard, so I have no way of relating to these trains of thought. Go Fish. It’s going to be impossible to pierce me when they don’t actually know each other. Even if they poke at something that bothers me, some chink in the armour, it won’t mean anything because I have no personal connection to these yahoos online. I do not care about them, and whilst their deep seeded interests in me are obvious, they are quite terrifying considering I have nothing to do with these psychopathic nutjobs.

“I was born with a jealous mind
And I can’t spend my whole life
Trying just to make you toe the line”
– The Beatles

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