I have a few things to edit this weekend. How much of it I get to versus watching a movie marathon of some kind remains to be seen. I could watch the epic MILLENIUM TRILOGY, extended cut style and lose 9 hours. It might be a mini-Marvel Marathon with THOR-AVENGERS-THOR DARK WORLD. Or perhaps a genre film mashup of CABIN IN THE WOODS with a side order of BEASTMASTER and THE ROCKETEER. Work or enter a near vegetative state…too hard to guess. In the mean time, going to continue the marketing of the Sonnyboo Podcast on competition. So far it has sparked some great conversations, unique perspectives, and of course rancor from a peanut gallery.

So Monday I will deliver 3 new episodes of FRAMELINES for broadcast. Closed Captioning was finished on the last episode yesterday. Been looking at what we have and will finish for some more episodes and it looks good. FRAMELINES needs some marketing for the broadcast, not just the web videos. I haven’t issued a formal press release in almost 2 years. I might even go for some print stories.

Yup. I feel like I’m getting back to what I do, what makes me who and what I am. It even feels just fine to be doing this solo. In fact, it feels a little better. My whole life I never felt like I belonged anywhere, not with family and not with friends. I still feel like that, but now it just seems to be okay. I am who I am and that’s okay. I am not defined by other people, only myself.

“Now I’m not trying to steal no love away from no one man”
– John Mayer

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