Now that the main thrust of my national ad campaign winds down, time to put my mind to work on the next several projects. Most especially, the more ambitious ones. Sure, I have 2-3 other work projects and a class still, but my lord do I want to start getting busy making my own things soon. The UNCLE PETE shoot did nothing but increase my appetite for making more content. 
Turns out the newer FRAMELINES episodes have already started airing. I was told the 14th, but it looks like for nearly 2 weeks, new ones have started showing. They are in rotation, so these will swing back around at some point. I’ve learned a lot about patience in the last couple years.

In the back of my mind, I’ve started to work out how the UNCLE PETE’s will turn out. What backgrounds I want, what the animation will be like, and even which takes – and I haven’t seen looked at the footage. It’s an almost subconscious thing, where I remember the takes, remember the performance and lines. And I’m editing in my head to everything I can recall.

At the end of this week, time permitting, I will start to break down the scripts for the Movie Cliché series, and some FRAMELINES material as well. Prep work gets me jazzed.

If I let myself slow down, I would see how much I’ve got going. FRAMELINES, Movie Cliché, and the Sonnyboo Podcast all combine into a butt-ton of material – for broadcast, for web, and for DVD/Blu Ray.

The clock is ticking. Pressure comes down on me like an anvil. In some ways, it’s already too late. On other paths may lie salvation. I don’t have time to waste. And yet I cannot live my life like every day could be the last. I wish my body wasn’t deteriorating quite as much as it has in the last year and a half.

“Though dark the mirror in the sky reflects us our light: Looks like a little brother to the sun Or mother to the stars at night”
– George Harrison

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