Location scout last night went swimmingly well. An embarrassment of riches in terms of the visuals. I’m still missing one location for the shoot day, the one that should in theory be the easiest – the woods. It will be Memorial Day weekend, so the public parks will be swamped and uncontrollable. It also isn’t as simple as finding any ol’ place, as it needs to fit in the shooting areas because we have 4 company moves in a single shoot day. I cannot wait. Things are coming together so well. It will be an exciting and fun day of shooting things that have been in my head for over a year. It’s not unlike exorcising a demon, especially with a touch of OCD (if by “touch” I mean hitting with a baseball bat).

The scripts will get some tweaks over the next few days. Nothing too major, just some dialogue changes. I’ve already made a shoot schedule for the day. It may get rearranged a little once I get the final location, but overall, it’s a lock too.

I’m about to shoot the new host segments for FRAMELINES for several episodes. I cannot believe I am awake this early without pay or a very pretty young lady being the cause. I must really love making this show. Once we get these introductions shot, I can really start to put some new episodes together. They go from spines to having flesh and near completion a lot more easily.

Getting back in the game feels amazing. It’s like a shot of red bull, cocaine, and adrenaline all at once, except more expensive and time consuming. Making movies is one of the few hobbies that costs more than the most addictive drugs on the planet. I haven’t even gotten to the shoot part, but the process even now makes me giddy. Nothing beats the final edit though. The ceremonial dance of the finished edit, and then when the movie hits the world, even before anyone else has seen it – THAT is the shit.

Things have all been going so great in my world. I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop. It may have already, depending on a phone call or two I have to make. If I’ve lost this house over a clerical error, I will be distraught. Things were going too well and too easy. So I shan’t be surprised if the biggest “get” of the last year will be the thing that falls apart.

“She paints my life, with colourful lies and she’s in the part of my boat where my secrets hide”
– Damien Rice

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