Keeping busy. Very busy. Like nonstop. It’s been almost 5 years since my last vacation of more than 2-3 days in a row. I love what I do, but sooner or later, one must recharge the batteries. I don’t think that is going to happen to me in the foreseeable future. I keep just adding more work to my life. Paid. Unpaid. Low pay. Doesn’t matter. Work work work.
 My latest projects are these charitable donations to the Ronald McDonald House in Central Ohio. Even though they had no budget for it, I brought out the drone just to make myself happy. We shot mostly with the DJI Osmo for the walking and talking shots. Ha! I get to keep it. I promised myself I had to either use it on a real gig for a client or shoot something artistic with it to justify keeping the Osmo, so there you go. One more toy worth keeping.

On the last episode of ALMOST ADEQUATE, I used the new Blackmagic 4K Video Assist to record the show. It worked flawlessly and I loved the way it handled the workload. Easier setup, better monitoring and it even converted the SDI HD signal to HDMI to send out to the TV for the host to see the live switching. It removes the need for multiple adapters, less cables, and less power.

My roommate told me months ago that working on this show would get my creative juices flowing and I was eternally the skeptic. It’s doing that. I am getting ideas not only for ALMOST ADEQUATE but also my own material, and hybrids therein.

I plan on doing a shoot of a couple simple things in the next week or so just to get it on the July 29th episode. Not only are new ideas flowing; I have tight deadlines for making them happen. And I am working with another few writers, really honing in on the “writer’s room” concept for scripts and shows.

I still write all my ideas with pen and paper. I have with me an iPhone, an iPad, an iPod, a laptop, a netbook, and even a Galaxy tablet and none of them work for the idea phase of literally sketching out ideas like a black or red or blue pen and yellow legal pads.

I hit a minor funk of late. Laundry sat clean in a pile without being folded. Papers accumulated on my desk haphazardly. Projects sat unedited in a queue on my hard drives. This past week has been the determination to attack each thing, even a little at a time, and just get ‘er done. So far, I’m getting through the lists and getting shit done.

Feels good.

“Been down so long, doesn’t really matter
This downtown home, been kicked and I’ve been spurred
You comin’ along? It doesn’t really matter
I go it alone, it doesn’t even hurt
All my life, waiting for somebody
I’m waitin’ for the day
Waitin’ for the day that you come my way
I drove down deep, I made a big decision
I’m going to sleep and I’m going there alone
I know damn well I’m tired of all this cryin’
On my feet as far as I can tell
I’m waitin’ for the day
Waitin’ for the day that you come my way”
– Paul Westerberg

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