I feel terrible. I burned myself out and I’m crashing and crispy today. Last night we did a massive shoot for the intro’s to 35 episodes of a new webseries I’m putting together. We went about 45 minutes over the scheduled shooting time I intended, but that’s okay. I had a sinus headache, a migraine, and an infection. I should have won the Emmy for my performance as someone who wasn’t writhing in pain all night. Because I have been so busy, and also because it’s better for the project as a whole, I handed over a lot more of the writing of each episode to someone else. I’ve learned a lot about collaboration over the last few years and a good producer/director will always take a good idea rather than be egotistical about where it comes from. My interests lie with making the audience entertained, and if that means sacrificing my own words for someone who connects better with people – so be it.

Gil shot the greenscreen footage with his new Sony F3, this time renting a really nice cinema lens from Planetary Media. I worked with Tessa Gordon and Nuber from 99.7 the Blitz here in town. Plus Johnny DiLoretto who manages a local movie theatre and used to be on Channel 6/28. Again, ego therapy – I don’t need or want to be on camera for everything and these people smoked me as a host. Working with pro’s makes a big difference on reading the words.

I was going to edit today, but jumping Jesus on a pogo stick, I feel nasty. I’m going to stay in my pajamas, eat Peanut Butter Cap’n Crunch and watch all of the Marvel movies on Blu Ray without a break.

On one hand, I still feel fantastic. I love being creative and getting stuff shot and finished. On the downside, working and not sleeping has consequences. My health has become much more fragile.

Balance is the key. How does one get that? Can I buy it online? Is there a 5 hour version in a little tiny bottle?


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