Every time I see a potential slowdown, more paid work flows in. I’m barely sleeping at night at it is. I have uploads to do, After Effects animation to produce, scripts to revise, shotlists to work on, and cats that get more than a little restless without attention. Sheesh! Who spoiled these things? Some new posters arrived which make me happy. They aren’t as high a quality as the banners, so I don’t think I’ll repeat order from this vendor. I need a break – a break so I can do more work, but work that I originate, not for someone else. As burned out as I am, what gets me going is doing more movies.

I don’t care about people who scoff at what I am doing. I guess I’m just not tuned into the narcissistic point of view that I needed to care what anyone else thinks of what I am doing. Let the little hens talk behind my back. How much credence can you lend to people without the courage to state something as simple as their own opinion? I have no respect for the cowards and spineless jellyfish who talk a lot – to anyone except the object of their criticism – and do very little themselves.

My bliss comes from the creation itself. Then the joy from marketing it. People not liking what you make is a part of life. You accept it and keep doing what you love. That’s at least what I am doing. I guess something is working right if people are constantly talking (complaining?) about my posts, be they videos, pictures, or even solicitations to this very blog.

I cannot abide cowards. Why waste time on them?

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